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So, we’ve decided with this site that we will fairly represent different sides to different understandings within the church. There are many hot and contentious issues which divide Christians. We don’t want to alienate some believers because we have a differing doctrine (teaching) on a certain subject.

In the interests of presenting different views – and with the understanding that it’s quite alright to have conflicting understandings on some issues in interpreting scripture; we are going to show some good-hearted debates on a couple of topics.

The reason for this is twofold: it is good to be exposed to views that might be slightly different from our current church, in the interests of knowing more about the variety within the body. It is also good to be challenged, and to arrive at a conclusion after some study, so that we can know why we believe a certain understanding of the scriptures. This is all healthy as it was Paul who commended the Bereans for searching the scriptures daily to see if this was in fact true.

Sadly our culture often nurtures a more passive church experience, where like a TV meal, we sit and get fed some teachings without searching things out for ourselves. Let’s do some heavenly treasure hunting, and get into the Word and look into things, prayerfully!

So with that, our first debate is about the Gift of Healings – is it still applicable today or has it ceased with the first church generation? Dr Michael Brown and Dr James White discuss this and get into some depth. I have my own opinion – what’s yours? Comments are open but will be moderated for silliness 🙂

The debate here:

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A really thought-provoking discussion. Both cases are well represented with a tender understanding of the sensitiveness of the topic, and how it could affects the lives and faith of people watching.
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