The Deity of Christ Defended by Scripture

There is one thing shared in all cults and other religions: The rejection of Jesus Christ as being God Almighty. They reduce him to a prophet, an angel, a god amongst many, a good man, a philosopher, an enlightened one, and the list goes on..

I believe scripture reveals Jesus as God quite plainly. Matthew 16 is quoted in the linked article. The quoted passage shows me two things clearly: that there are many different views to who Jesus is, and that who he really is, is revealed to us by His Father, Almighty God.

So before you read this article, if you are grappling with this, please pray this before you click through to the link:

Almighty God, Who is in heaven, Oh Creator of heaven and earth; reveal to me the truth about Jesus Christ. If the scriptures are truly true, show me through them. I don’t want to be like Pilate who says ‘what is truth?’, I want to believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life – and it is said no one comes to You except through Him – so if this is true, and You are the One true God, and I can only come to You through Jesus – reveal to me this Jesus of Yours. Open my heart to truth, open my eyes to truth, open my ears to truth, and let truth truly set me free! Amen

If you’ve prayed that, even in your heart, then click through here: The Deity of Christ.


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