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Meditations: SOTM12 Matt 5:4 (4)

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Matt 5:4

Just when the King lays hold of our hearts with agonising concern for the suffering and lostness of others by the law of love at work in our hearts so that we cannot any longer be satisfied with our own pleasure and comfort and survival while so many of His little ones suffer and die all around us, yet another form of mourning emerges.

Psalms 119:136 – Rivers of water run down from my eyes, Because men do not keep Your law.

When our heart first submits to the law of love, under the reign of the King of love, we begin for the first time to be truly overwhelmingly affected by the unrighteousness and injustice all around us. Love cannot but loath and detest injustice and unrighteousness. We begin to notice how the suffering and hurt of His little ones is born of great injustice, which in turn is born of the great selfishness in the world. The hungry are hungry because of greed and selfishness and corruption – men who care more about the next luxury car than paying a fair wage, preserving jobs, using resources to provide opportunity for the poor, and sharing their bread with orphans. The homeless are homeless in part because of women who care more about their wardrobe, cosmetics and island holidays than starving and homeless widows with 15 children to feed and house and no means with which to do it. Children are abandoned by lustful, whoring, careless fathers baring countless children by countless mothers with no concern for being loving, protecting, providing husbands and fathers and no care for the children left in the wake of their conquest of lust and deserted by mothers who die of aids because of their sexual promiscuity. Poor communities are left with falling down houses, no water or electricity or toilets because of corrupt government officials who steal and pilfer rather than serving those who voted for them. Hospitals kill their patients and leave others in suffering because nurses care much for wages but little for work and government officials care more for the political affinity of nurses than their ability to nurse the sick. Crime is rampant because policemen are more interested in extracting bribes from those who contribute to the economy than bringing to justice those who steal, kill and destroy. Countless billions which could be used to create jobs and economic opportunity for the poor are wasted by an inept government more concerned with self-preservation through cadre deployment than in serving their constituency by actually getting things done and making a difference. Our broken education system is robbing an entire generation of a future of hope while billions are spent on an arms deal so a few government officials can drive mercedes and have nice holiday homes. INJUSTICE! INJUSTICE!

Psalms 119:136 – Rivers of water run down from my eyes, Because men do not keep Your law.   

It is just when we begin to care for the suffering of others that the Lord gives us the revelation that the suffering around us is caused by a society that fails to acknowledge Him and walk in His ways – which rebels against His just requirements of loving others as ourselves , which perverts His way of love and bends all things toward the service of self. It is then that He raises up in us a holy wrath against the spirit of the age – service of Self – that perpetuates the injustice and unrighteousness that leads to such great suffering by His little ones. And so we mourn the lack of justice and righteousness in the world and the spirit of the age – worship of Self – that propagates this curse which looms over our society.

Ezra 10:6 – Then Ezra rose up from before the house of God, and went into the chamber of Jehohanan the son of Eliashib; and when he came there, he ate no bread and drank no water, for he mourned because of the guilt of those from the captivity.

There is, though, some comfort for those who mourn.

Ezekiel 9:4 – And the LORD said to him, “Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done within it.”

The Lord has planned a day of judgement in which He will preserve the righteous and bring swift recompense to all those who by their service of self in every way hide the truth and perpetuate injustice and unrighteousness. Even the most “good and noble” of men who live primarily in the service of self, though doing no overt harm, perpetuate injustice and evil by propagating this spirit of the age – service of self – from which comes all other evil. And He will bring judgement and swift destruction on all immersed in this spirit of service of self.

Isaiah 2:10-22 (ESV) – Enter into the rock and hide in the dust from before the terror of the Lord, and from the splendor of his majesty. 11  The haughty looks of man shall be brought low, and the lofty pride of men shall be humbled, and the Lord alone will be exalted in that day. 12  For the Lord of hosts has a day against all that is proud and lofty, against all that is lifted up—and it shall be brought low; 13 against all the cedars of Lebanon , lofty and lifted up; and against all the oaks of Bashan; 14 against all the lofty mountains, and against all the uplifted hills [the men of great repute, of all shapes and sizes]; 15 against every high tower, and against every fortified wall [all those things in which men find security and safety as they rebel against their Maker]; 16 against all the ships of Tarshish, and against all the beautiful craft [all the means of commerce and trade which make wealthy]. 17  And the haughtiness of man shall be humbled, and the lofty pride of men shall be brought low, and the Lord alone will be exalted in that day. 18  And the idols shall utterly pass away. 19  And people shall enter the caves of the rocks and the holes of the ground, from before the terror of the Lord, and from the splendor of his majesty,  when he rises to terrify the earth. 20 In that day mankind will cast away their idols of silver and their idols of gold, which they made for themselves to worship, to the moles and to the bats, 21  to enter the caverns of the rocks and the clefts of the cliffs,from before the terror of the Lord, and from the splendor of his majesty,  when he rises to terrify the earth. 22  Stop regarding man  in whose nostrils is breath, for of what account is he? 

And He will bring to court with no hope, only trembling and the certain expectation of terrible judgement, the government officials and men in high places who neglect their duty to the poor by either sloth, apathy, or the self-interested pursuit of comfort and pleasure on the State’s tab and time.

Isaiah 10:1-4 (ESV) – Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression, 2 to turn aside the needy from justice and to rob the poor of my people of their right, that widows may be their spoil, and that they may make the fatherless their prey! 3 What will you do on the day of punishment, in the ruin that will come from afar? To whom will you flee for help, and where will you leave your wealth? 4 Nothing remains but to crouch among the prisoners or fall among the slain.  For all this his anger has not turned away, and his hand is stretched out still. 

For now by His kindness He calls for all men to repent and turn from wicked selfishness and to know and serve their God. In this year of Jubilee He gives to us the ministry of reconciliation so the world will know His mercy and not His wrath. But there will come the day when all history is spent, the day of salvation for men is squandered, and there remains nothing but His just and terrible wrath against the self-serving iniquity of men. In that day shall those who mourn the suffering of His little ones at the hands of the enemies of justice find their comfort.

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Matt 5:4


Original date of work: 8 Feb 2011
By: J Goldberg 

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