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Foundations: The Prodigal Son – Marcel John

What a profound teaching on the well known Prodigal Son. This message resounds to all people, believers and non alike, as a reminder of the Father’s love for us – showing the true heart of God towards everyone. Spend ten minutes now and give it a listen..

Download: The Prodigal Son – Duration: 10:09 – Jan 2005

Listen here:

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Background: Marcel John is an itinerant teacher of the Word of God who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.  These short messages were given on an AM frequency between 2003 and 2005 to a largely Muslim audience in North Africa, Middle East and even Asia.  There was never any feedback because no addresses or numbers were given out, those involved simply prayed and trusted that these words would reach open hearts all over those regions.  The main emphasis of these teachings is on matters Muslims don’t believe in like the deity, death, resurrection and mediatorship of Christ and now we felt led to make them available to whoever wants a solid foundational understanding of Christianity.

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