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Andrew Murray Audio Series: Obedience

We’re starting a new audio series. This is the reading of Andrew Murray’s book: The School of Obedience. I heard from a good friend yesterday that every miracle in the bible came in response to a divine instruction: “get up and walk, stretch out your hand, throw down the staff, …

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Inspiration Focus: Ravi Zacharias (part 1)

For those of you not familiar with Dr. Zacharias’ work, I quote a portion of his ministry website with a link to the entire page: “For forty years Ravi Zacharias has spoken all over the world and in numerous universities, notably Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford University.  He has addressed writers …

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Foundations: The Prodigal Son – Marcel John

What a profound teaching on the well known Prodigal Son. This message resounds to all people, believers and non alike, as a reminder of the Father’s love for us – showing the true heart of God towards everyone. Spend ten minutes now and give it a listen.. Download: The Prodigal Son – …