The latest updates will be listed here:

28 July 2012: Restyled the look of the site. Added a Twitter stream (follow @Jesusdotcoza).



This section will only appear when updates are happening to the site. We want your ideas and suggestions to improve our service to you. We’ll also use this to put down section ideas as we’re working on them, and allow your feedback on each so that we can grow this together..

Some things we’re thinking of:

  • Sermons section – written, video and audio (focus on quality first, locale second – but we want South African preachers submitting their sermons please)
  • Events – inter-denomination listing of: outreaches, conferences, worship events, prayer events, youth events, men’s events, women’s events.. countrywide
  • Local ministry list: Trustable Southern African ministries an all fields that are fueled by passion for Jesus. [coming soon: mail us with ideas]
  • In the news: commentary on news that affects Christians around the world and locally
  • To add a section for seekers, showing them a starting point in what to read up on, which people to listen to, and what steps to take, as an honest seeker.
  • Translations: We’re looking for Afrikaans, Sotho/Pedi/Tswana, Zulu, Xhosa translators who understand English and their language well. Contact us if you want to help out!

So pitch in and tell us what you want here!

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