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Foundations: The love of truth – Marcel John

Some thoughts on end of days, and how loving the truth can protect and keep us. People around the world don’t have the faintest idea about what is going to take place shortly. Learn to love and embrace the truth, receive Jesus Christ and ask Him to come into your …

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Foundations: The law of life – Marcel John

In this message, we deal with the way a born-again person experiences frustration when they put themselves under the law and try to serve the law in the power of the flesh. I know this has been (and often continues to be) my struggle so often. Even if we know …

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Foundations: Has Spoken in the Son – Marcel John

The next in the Foundation Stones series. Listen on this page or right click and download. Marcel John retains copyright to these messages, however you can pass them along freely. Also, comment below if you wish to give feedback on these messages. Download: Has Spoken in the Son – Duration: …

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Foundations: The 2nd Birth – Marcel John

Often we find that if the foundations of a building are faulty, the building will at some point be at risk of collapsing. The same is true with our faith, where none other than Jesus Christ can be our foundation. And these messages highlight key points in the Christian faith. …


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Meditations: SOTM12 Matt 5:4 (4)

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.¬†Matt 5:4 Just when the King lays hold of our hearts with agonising concern for the suffering and lostness of others by the law of love at work in our hearts so that we cannot any longer be satisfied with our …

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Video: Reaching the lost in uncertain times (David Wilkerson)

A pertinent message by the late David Wilkerson. Not to hold back when times are tough and uncertain, but to keep reaching out to the lost. This is a critical message for any believer, not just evangelists…

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Video: Through death to fruitfulness

Another powerful message by Zac Poonen, look out for the part where he mentions the Greeks seeking Jesus in John chapter 12. “I wanna see Jesus” – to make that our constant and consistant prayer, to see Jesus: in a meeting, when reading the bible, when singing praises.. I wanna …

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Video: A merciful attitude by Sandeep & Zac Poonen

A challenging and honest message by Sandeep Poonen, and a small addition at the end by his father, Zac. 51min and worth every minute! Enjoy.. (And thanks to my sister for sending this to me!)