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Video: Zac Poonen

Really a great message here, reminding us of the root of sin! See the video here:


Audio: Stephen Kaung – The Grace of Fellowship

An amazing teaching on true Christian fellowship, it being the most exclusive, and yet at the same time the most inclusive kind of fellowship. His accent can be difficult to grasp at first, but there are great nuggets of truth in here; it’s worth the digging… Enjoy!

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Is the bible corrupted?

Here is a very interesting debate between a brother, Dr James White, and a muslim scholar, Adnan Rashid. While debates are generally quite interesting to watch (if you’re interested in the subject matter), there is much to be gained in this one, when Dr. White explains how the new testament …

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Video: God’s new thing Part1: Isaiah’s Day

Here is the first of three powerful messages by David Legge. This is sure to challenge and refine you! Set aside an hour and fourteen minutes and be blessed, there is so much to glean here. See the video here:

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Video: A healthy debate…

In the interests of presenting different views – and with the understanding that it’s quite alright to have conflicting understandings on some issues in interpreting scripture; we are going to show some good-hearted debates on a couple of topics.

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Video: God our Strength – Francis Chan

A short reminder about the God we serve, the One Who alone is our Creator, who gives us every breath we have, and Who dwells within us! Listen and take heart – be encouraged by these words…  

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Andrew Murray Audio Series: Obedience

We’re starting a new audio series. This is the reading of Andrew Murray’s book: The School of Obedience. I heard from a good friend yesterday that every miracle in the bible came in response to a divine instruction: “get up and walk, stretch out your hand, throw down the staff, …

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Jesus, Our Prayer Warrior

Fresh from the ministry of David Legge in Ireland. This message really encouraged me when life seemed a bit on the cold and bleak side.. Excerpt: “He intercedes. He is human, He has overcome, and He intercedes now. Here’s the newsflash: He is still a Man. Do you ever think …

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Inspiration Focus: Ravi Zacharias (part 1)

For those of you not familiar with Dr. Zacharias’ work, I quote a portion of his ministry website with a link to the entire page: “For forty years Ravi Zacharias has spoken all over the world and in numerous universities, notably Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford University.  He has addressed writers …