This site seeks to assist the Christian with strengthening their walk, no matter what their denomination, age or maturity. We will not punt views that are unscriptural. Nor will we promote a controversial theology. We wish to portray all aspects of faith, as found in scripture where evidence suggests that the early church also shared in these aspects, whether evangelism, study of the Word, prayer, fasting, teaching, preaching, giving and worship.

Should you find any of this content objectionable from the perspective of your particular denomination, please pop us a courteous email and we’ll put a footnote saying that the content at hand is not considered part of your particular denomination’s theology.

If you have a South African ministry which needs prayer, and the ministry has the aim of promoting the truth of the gospel: send an email from a church which supports the ministry and we will investigate and potentially promote this in our ministry section. If you have a complaint against a listed ministry, please let us know also.

If you would like to contribute to this site, please contact the administrator and explain the types of contributions you would like to make, as well as: your name, current church, location, and a statement of faith, explaining what it is you believe. Contributions include sermons, articles, meditations, or graphics, programming and whatever else can go into the running of this site.

The owners of this site will never make money from it. There will be no sponsors, advertisements, no payments for listings, no kickbacks. Any and all financial contributions (in their entirety) made from this site will go directly to the purchasing of bibles for those who don’t have. We suggest rather that money is contributed to the linked ministries as only legitimate ministries will be added here.

This site is not affiliated with any single denomination. I (billybobza) am a member of a congregation which belongs to a particular denomination, however, I don’t see myself as bound strictly by those denominational limitations. I see people of all denominations, as long as they believe in the foundational truths layed out in the bible, as part of a single Church, a single Body. I believe that we can work together beyond our divides, to the glory of God the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Email: with any questions.

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