Audio: Stephen Kaung – The Grace of Fellowship

An amazing teaching on true Christian fellowship, it being the most exclusive, and yet at the same time the most inclusive kind of fellowship. His accent can be difficult to grasp at first, but there are great nuggets of truth in here; it’s worth the digging… Enjoy!

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Is the bible corrupted?

Here is a very interesting debate between a brother, Dr James White, and a muslim scholar, Adnan Rashid. While debates are generally quite interesting to watch (if you’re interested in the subject matter), there is much to be gained in this one, when Dr. White explains how the new testament …

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Video: God’s new thing Part1: Isaiah’s Day

Here is the first of three powerful messages by David Legge. This is sure to challenge and refine you! Set aside an hour and fourteen minutes and be blessed, there is so much to glean here. See the video here: